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heres the tea sis

Im old, 

but I remember how hard being a teen was. 

And I didnt have the whole social media thing to deal with.

It's a love-hate relationship! 


It can be great, laughing, making silly videos, checking out funny videos on TikTok or Youtube, connecting with friends and people, but it also can be the worst!  

In my day bullying was a lot different. 

Usually something that just happened at school. 

Kids could come home after school and escape it. 

There was no one was talking crap about them on social media 24/7.

I didnt have to pose for any fake photos or pretend my life was something it wasnt. 

I worked my twisted teen life out on my own (usually in my room), not with an audience of people judging me. 

Just so you know, the people judging you, are just as confused about life as you are. 

If they werent, they wouldnt be judging or bullying. 

They would be focusing on what they need to do for themselves.

If you ever find yourself talking shit about others, 

getting involved in silly drama, 

being offended by anything and everyone, 

you might be doing the same thing. 

Let that sink in for a minute...

Focus on what YOU need to be doing. 

Have fun with your friends, laugh, be kind, but do your shit...... 

When I was young, I wasnt worried about how good and big my booty looked. 

(I worry about that now, jk)

Selfies werent even a thing. 

Can you imagine? LOL. 

I didnt base my worth on followers or likes. 

TBH...Im so glad I didnt have to deal with any of that.

Being a teen is hard enough

Even as an adult, sometimes looking at social media can be daunting.

People can make their lives look so good in pictures. 

People post what they want everyone to see, all of the good stuff, 

which is cool and all but, 

life is not always the good stuff. 

But you already know all of this..... 

Im here to tell you to get real with yourself. 

Inside of you there are treasures, 

you are a treasure! 

You are magic and it has nothing to do with how "cute" everyone says you are. 

Beauty comes from inside and that is the truth.  

Just be yourself. 

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. 

Give yourself permission to be real. 

Who cares what your booty looks like, 

what's in your heart? 

At the end of the day,

when your lying there alone,

those people judging you

arent there, 

its just you.

You will be with yourself your whole life

you might as well get to know yourself.

Be real with yourself.

How do you really feel about yourself,

What do you value?

How do you treat yourself?

How do you treat others?

What do you give?

What do you have to offer this world?

Its not all about what you can get,

trust me....

Its not about the shoes, the clothes, the outside stuff.

Its about


love for yourself.

love for others.

What moves you?

What is in your heart?

What makes you laugh? 

What brings you joy? 

How do you deal with stress? 

What makes you unique? 

Take some time to ponder those things 

Remeber you are enough,

more than enough

and you are loved.....

Whats your outlet

When I was a teen, I wrote. 

I loved writing, always had a journal. 

It felt like pure freedom to write. 

I never felt like I could say what I wanted. 

I had a really hard time expressing myself 

(still do sometimes).

In my house, opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings were best kept to yourself.  

So writing is where I got it all out. 

No one could tell me to change it or edit it.

It was all mine! 

There are lots of outlets, whats yours? 

If your outlet is drawing, send us some of your artwork! 

We would love to see it. 

Go to the homepage and click on submissions!

some cool podcasts

I like to learn new things.

I also like to feel connected. 

I have found some really cool Podcasts for adults that have helped me out a bunch. 

I have recently become a stepmom and it has been really hard. 

Many times I have felt so alone

and so misunderstood,

then I found this one podcast and it made a HUGE difference. 

It has impacted my life in such a positive way.

Im going to post some Podcasts for teens.

I hope one of them resonates with you 

and can give you the support I got from them!

Youth Radio (This one is created by teens, which is pretty cool) 

411 Teen 


Life as a Teenager 

Peace out (This is great for relaxatin, stress and emotions) 

one more thing, for now

Take some time to rest. 

Shut off your phone for a few.

Let your brain rest, 

give your mind a rest. 

It isnt good for you to always be staring at a screen.

Put the phone down.

Look at the trees, the sky, the flowers.

There is a whole darn world out there. 

Dont miss it!

 "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson