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Two of our illustrators being goofy! Hannah Rowe and Michael Allen

We work with kids to create books

We look for kids that are artistically inclined and motivated. We pair them with a story that we have written and they illustrate the story. 

They are provided a paid contract to complete the illustrations. When the book is completed and copies are sold they will not only get royalties for every copy sold, they will be considered a professional illustrator..

This is a very unique opportunity for a student. 

Hannah Rowe illustrator

Hannah was 18 years in 2014, when she illustrated "Who do you think I am?". She used pastel pencils to beautifully illustrate the book. Hannah started drawing at the age of 5 and has 

continued to do so. You can visit her website to see more of her work. She desgined our new logo and has been doing designing work on fiveer. 


Michael Allen illustrator

Michael is currently working on the illustrations for our story, "The hope that grew from concrete". Michael goes to school at Jersey City University and is studying illustration.

We are looking for illustrators

Submission guidelines

Submissions open to:

Kids ages 10-17

  • Submit at least 5 drawings
  • Email pictures, not originals to: 


Contact us at :912-445-1168